Hi. My Name is Bob and I Want to Start a Clothing Line.

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Anyone that has a profession that warrants clientele has a common customer.  My common client is the ‘Clothing Line Creator’.  They have an idea in their head that they believe will sell but no direction or understanding of what it actually takes to create a brand. A couple ideas to put on a shirt that could possibly sell but then a tarnished brand name and a lot of wasted money in the end.  The number one thing that I hear a lot of people try to do is turn an urban brand into a luxury brand. Often times that fails because of the imagery that you have already portrayed on your brand itself.  It’s equivalent to:

You can say it’s now luxury but the feel is kept the same.  The outcome you desire is possible, but you can not offer the same products and branding that you had in your URBAN days, and just call it luxury now.  The idea is to completely change the feel of your brand – almost creating a new one.  Making your brand more desirable instead of easily accessible.  This does include price markups and money spent on branding and new products.

This new concept is to create and capture your new target market.  The great thing about clothing lines is they are easy to create with the amount of mass production companies that are available (customink, ooshirts etc.).  There are many people willing to print things in bulk at a low cost and that makes for easy profit if you’re willing to invest the time into designing and branding.  Many clothing lines fail because the ‘owner’ isn’t willing to invest in good designs and even better marketing tactics.  Clothing lines have become a get rich quick scheme with a large lack of quality investment.

My advice for clothing line owners is to INVEST in your brand if you want people to invest into as well.  Quality is lacking in the apparel world, and it’s important for you to bring it back if you want to be successful and make your brand profitable.

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