A Reason To Get Away


Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about isolation and how it is truly essential to the soul.  Being able to break away from things that can alter your immediate thinking is important for any form of growth in your life.  To grow you have to understand the different perspectives of the world.  True growth comes from experiences that are traumatic, devastating, and amongst that any other memorable substance that gives ‘the feels’. For instance, graduating is growth because you remember your graduation day or the feeling of completion and in that same sense, death provides the same kind of growth because you’ve overcome a traumatic event in your life.

As we get older we tend to search for a reason to do something.  Statements such as “I can’t wait until Summer so I can travel here” or “I am going to show this person a lot of appreciation today because it’s their birthday”.  Instead of having a reason to do something we should do things because they are appreciated.  When I say they are appreciated it doesn’t mean we are looking for recognition, we are doing it because we are giving back into the world or giving back to ourselves.  Don’t wait for the Summer to travel somewhere you want to go.  Make life work for you, fit your work schedule into your life.  Maneuver work around your living schedule.  Don’t let life pass you by because you didn’t have a reason to live it fully.

Don’t let life pass you by because you didn’t have a reason to live it fully.

There are so many things that I have learned from heartbreak, loneliness, separation, and trauma.  Things that I have gained an appreciation for because it’s made me wiser.  I take each new experience as an opportunity to look back and say, “yes… that did hurt.  But I would’ve never known what this felt like if I didn’t go through it.” or “I would never appreciate this if I hadn’t of gone through that.”  Of course, it’s hard to recognize those things in the beginning, because we may be flooded and blinded by our feelings of immediate pain or grief, but running from these feelings instead of recognizing and cherishing them as we do happiness, only fills us with guilt and remorse.

The time we waste running away from our problems and avoiding difficult situations is the biggest problem of all.  While we are trying to figure ourselves out and we’re trying to understand what our definition of happiness is, we are also missing the most important days of our lives… the ones that are to be lived.  We are offering, free of charge, an opportunity to continue to let a person, situation, day, moment dictate how we treat people, and how we handle situations.  We are ignoring the thoughts and prayers of people that love us the most in search of something that you are too blind to see when it’s there anyway.  The pain and rage you can’t let go of because you are searching for anything that temporarily takes you away from a situation or event that you are avoiding.

We have to learn how to let life take us.  We determine the outcome of the choices that we make.  We are able to readily take on the world as soon as we get up in the morning if we see fit.  It’s important to at least support yourself that much to know and understand that we are in control, first and foremost.  You don’t have to rant and rave to everyone that “you’re in charge and nobody can tell you anything”, we understand that much.  You’re human, you make your own choices.  It’s when you let your emotions cloud your intentions and end up hurting people that you love.  This could turn into a cycle for your entire life if you don’t end the storm you are bringing into the world.  Recognizing how your actions affect others is the way to combat that spiral.

If you sometimes need a reason to do something that’s okay too.  Respect that, that is the point you are at in life right now.  It doesn’t make you less of a human being, if you recognize who, what and how you are.  But if that is the point of your life right now, a reason to get away can be… to heal.




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